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Welcome to VitaPharm USA Inc., the first and only comprehensive supplier of USDA & EU Certified Organic, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) products. We are an organization dedicated to bringing you the purest quality, certified organic, Chinese herbs and TCM herbal products in the world. VitaPharm is committed to preserving the rich heritage of traditional herbal medicines and the promotion of wellness in harmony with nature.



Here you will find a vast selection of premium quality, organic Chinese herbal products including: Organic, raw TCM bulk herbs, concentrated single herbs granule powders and Classical, TCM Tea Pill , vegetable Capsule formulas and our unique, condition-specific MicroDrops® in convenient, single herbs and combination forms.



VitaPharm is an American-based corporation with extensive, strategic partnerships in China, where we grow and manufacture a large selection of organic Traditional herbs and herbal formula products. Combining US entrepreneurship and Chinese traditional wisdom, VitaPharm has become a leading, fully integrated supplier of organic Traditional herbs and TCM dietary supplements.

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Our Certified Organic Farms & Facilities

Our certified organic farms are located in the pristine, mountainside regions of China, far away from any modern pollution. Our herbs are sustainably cultivated in the nutrient rich soils of their natural habitat. VitaPharm is certified by BCS Öko-Garantie, one of the leading internationally accredited certifying agencies based in Germany, who is also accredited by the EU, NOP and USDA Organic programs.

VitaPharm currently has 12 organic bases, consisting of over 74 million acres of premium, certified organic forests mountains of China. This is an area 24 times greater than China’s current 3 million acres of Agri-chemical-treated herb farms, which produce most of China’s current global export of TCM herbs. This year, we will be able to offer over 700 varieties of organic herbs and have production-scale capacity to supply over 500,000 tones of premium organic herbs for worldwide exports.



Native TCM herb habitats were originally in the pristine mountain regions, where VitaPharm has mobilized local farming cooperatives to return and cultivate herbs in their original, natural environment. ‘OBOR’ China’s high-speed rail system, has enabled VitaPharm’s success in bringing herbal products from these remote, rural, mountain regions, to modern terminals for global export.



VitaPharm currently has 9 joint-venture factories which have been certified according to the organic manufacturing requirements: 4 organic tGPP(traditional Good Processing Practices) facilities, 5 organic cGMP(current Good Manufacture Practices) production facilities, which operate under rigorous quality control management and are regularly inspected by accredited, independent auditors. VitaPharm facilities comply with international quality standards and test by independent international, 3rd party laboratory.



VitaPharm’s R&D division, together with Zhuhai Natural Pharmaceuticals Institute, uses modern processing techniques such as High Throughput Herbal Enzyme Extractions, Semi-Nano-Particle, micropowders® and room temperature drying methods. These high-tech processing methods preserve the delicate constituents of the herbal products and increase their potency. The all-natural OTC products have better bio-availability, work faster and yield greater clinical efficacy for the man, woman and elder special need.

Your organic OEM or OAM products made by VitaPharm, are of superior quality and may allow your private labels to have the USDA & EU Organic logos.



The Urgent Need for Herbal Purity

In an age of increasing ecological destruction from modern industrial and chemical pollution, there is a growing, urgent need and demand for clean, pure, organic foods and herbal products, especially in China. A 2013 Green Peace investigation exposed the pervasive contamination of Chinese herbs with toxic pesticides, heavy metals and other chemicals. VitaPharm’s mission is to change this trend.



Our Organic TCM & Fair Trade Mission

We at VitaPharm, are working diligently with many partners to change this destructive Agri-chemical model, by supporting regenerative and long-term, sustainable, organic farming practices and ecological bio-diversity. By these actions, we aim to restore the true purity and authenticity of the rich TCM herbal heritage, while caring for the land, the people, the planet and the greater health of humanity.



Vitapharm supports local farm collectives by providing those higher prices and operates under “Fair Trade” practices, which support their ancient traditions, communities and preserved sacred lands. In Vitapharm's mission to promote organic TCM, Vitapharm is working work with the Chinese TCM Alliance to advance the cause of Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine in the world. The TCM Organic Alliance is supported by China’s Science & Technology Department and welcomes collaborative, international support.



Verifiable Quality Standards, Traceability and Authentic TCM Processes

With the high standards of American and European Quality Controls, along with the active support of the regional Chinese government, VitaPharm is positioned to replace the entire global export market of chemically contaminated Chinese herbs, with premium quality, certified Organic options. This will bring TCM herbal medicine into the modern era of authentic, traditional purity and clinical efficacy.



Our herbal extracts are traditionally prepared using low temperatures and long extractions, to preserve all the vital elements. The water based herbal decoctions get concentrated and transformed into soluble powders and third generation MicroDrops®, which have a concentration of 10:1 ratio. At all stages, we combine authentic, traditional TCM principles with modern processing technologies for global production scale and export demand. We believe the purity of our premium herbal products will greatly enhance clinical outcomes and patient compliance.







We welcome you to join us in our mission of making a meaningful difference in the health of your patients, the standards of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the health of our earth.


We encourage long term, advanced planning to avoid delays and to ensure a consistent supply of seasonal, organic herbs. Now is the time to capitalize on the emerging, sustainable Organic trend and start offering high quality, Organic TCM herbal products.



Insist on Organic…


For your health, for the Future of TCM, and for a Sustainable Planet.




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Organic Quality, Purity, Authenticity

VitaPharm is uniquely positioned to supply over 700 USDA & EU Certified Organic Chinese herbs and formulations. With over 74 million acres of Certified Organic fields in China,

VitaPharm can supply small and large scale orders to Domestic and International markets.


Custom Manufacturing & OEM Capability

VitaPharm can provide custom manufacturing and formulation services for your unique, products, according to cGMP and international compliance standards. Your products will be labeled with USDA & EU Logos.


Research & Development Capability

VitaPharm’s Research & Development Division has partnered with Zhuhai Natural Pharmaceutical Institute, TCM Science Alliance and China’s State Department of Science & Technology, for expediting GPP & GMP innovative products to the global market place.


Vast Selection of Classical and Modern Products

In addition to over 3000 common single herbs and classical formulations, VitaPharm and its researching partner Zhuhai Nature Pharmaceutical Institute, offer 25 all Natural, Organic, Condition-Specific Formulas, that target and support common patterns of imbalance.


Unique Classic & Modern Extraction Methods

Using only purified water, our unique low heat extract,  room temperature drying process, extended extraction times combined with our simi-nano-particle, opens the plant’s cell walls, to yield a more bio-active product with higher Enzyme and vitamin content.


High Throughput, Herbal ID and Analytical testing

Enables targeted identification and standardization of unique herbal constituents and compounds, in the development of new, clinically effective herbal products. We classify these new formulas as 100% Natural OTC medicine.


Fair Trade Certified

VitaPharm is among the first herb companies in China to be Fair Trade certified.

We rebate 15% of proceeds to our local farming collectives to support their Regenerative Agriculture and Bio-Diversity farming systems.



A modern TCM dosing form, that provides greater convenience for clinical prescribing and patient compliance. High concentration efficacy.


Our HIB (Heavy Ion Beam) Sterilization Technology make our products, no chemical pollutants, no ultraviolet mutation, no radiation and no overheating of essential oils insures the natural quality and effectiveness of the herbs.


Strategic Location for Inspections and Global Exports

VitaPharm has a registered branch in the Zhuhai free trade zone. This region allows easy access to US and international. Quality Control inspections a deficient export terminal through “OBOR” (One Belt one Road) to the global market by high speed rail, air and sea. VitaPharm has strategic distribution terminals in Los Angeles, CA, Brookline, NY, Hong Kong, Zhuhai, China and London, England, enabling us to save customers time and freight costs.