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Here you can find Chinese Doctors nears you


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    E. Tao's Way Healing Center

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    Interest in alternatives to Western Medicine has been growing steadily

    over the past two decades.


    There are now more patient visits to alternative practitioners then to western doctors. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which includes Herbal Medicine, Nutritional Supplements and Acupuncture, has reached a critical mass, and is poised for an explosion of growth. Chain stores are the best marketing method for Chinese herbs in USA. Tao’s Way Healing Centers are perfectly positioned to be the first “name brand” national chain of Traditional Chinese Medicine in The United States.




    For more details, please contact us


    VitaPharm USA, Inc

    20579 E. VALLY BLVD
    WALNUT, CA 91789



    VitaPharm is a provider for licensed TCM practitioners and herbalists; and for the health and herbal product industry. We welcome your business and appreciate your feedback. 

    Call us for all inquiries or to get pricelists. We are happy to help you with your order and get your delivery to you as soon as possible!

    We look forward to hearing from you!

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    Contact Us

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    This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


    VitaPharm is a provider for licensed TCM practitioners and herbalists; and for the health and herbal product industry. We welcome your business and appreciate your feedback.

    Call us for all inquiries or to get pricelists. We are happy to help you with your order and get your delivery to you as soon as possible!

    We look forward to hearing from you!



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    Our Specialty

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    Traditional essence, modern assurance


    Made from Traditional Chinese Medicine classic formulas

    Used and tested for generations


    NEW! Certified USDA and EU Organic


    Choose from VitaPharm’s Three Rivers selection of TCM formulas
    OR market it under your own brand of modern supplements to promote health.

    We are covered by US product liability insurance that protects sellers and consumers.

    Supplements come in: Capsules (vegetarian), Tablets, Teapills, Elixir form, Microdrops®


    Some of the formulas

    • Health support: Stress, migraines, sinus discomfort, allergy relief, cold and flu relief, joint pain, back and shoulder pain, and stomach ailments.
    • Total well-being: Energy, digestive system, colon cleansing, intestinal health, blood building, sleep, strong bones, immunity and cholesterol.
    • Men’s health: Prostrate, and renewed energy.
    • Women’s health: Menstrual relief, menopausal well being and renewed energy.
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    Our Facilities

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    From farms to processing and delivery, VitaPharm provides the highest manufacturing standards. VitaPharm is dedicated to ensuring that every process—from growing the herbs to its final form in your bottles—is done to meet top agricultural, processing and industrial standards.

    Organic Good Agricultural Practices (oGAP)

    To guarantee the best quality herbs, farmers follow international agricultural standards of oGAP. Guidelines are met from land preparing, seeding, growing, harvesting and storage. Only natural fertilizers and pest control methods are used, meeting oGAP standards.

    The mountainous region of these farms in China, though not productive for food crops, is well suited for herbs. The income and lives of almost 50,000 farming families have dramatically improved with the growing of organic herbs.

    Traditional Good Processing Practices (tGPP)

    Our four factories meet China’s tGPP standards for grading, washing, cutting and drying of herbs. When necessary, some herbs are hand-picked and hand-cut by experienced workers to maintain the purity nature intended.

    These processes adhere to the 40 traditional methods that steam, roast, bake with honey and soak in vinegar, wine or black bean juice. Our methods follow time-tested processes which detoxifies while retaining each herb’s efficacy as observed in the classic Ban Cao herb book.

    Current Good Manufactory Practices (cGMP)

    VitaPharm’s joint-venture with four cGMP pharmaceutical factories meet a total germ-free clean (500,000-100,000 count per cubic meter) standard of a 500,000-square-foot room.

    More than 4,500 employees, including 2,000 herb experts and 13 PhD herbal scientists work in modern laboratories that meet the cGMP dietary supplement standards of the US and the European Union.

    Our extracting and concentrating rooms meet full scale cGMP standards. Most other factories only have cGMP packing rooms.

    International Good Laboratory Practices (iGLP)

    All VitaPharm factories’ laboratories are equipped with up-to-date, modern instruments such as HPLC, TLC and GCMS.

    We also contract with internationally-recognized external GLP laboratories to test quality. These laboratories include State Food & Drug Lab in Shanghai and Hong Kong Science & Technology Park.

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    Verifiable Standards

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    VitaPharm’s mission is to provide herbs and herbal products in its various dosage forms with standard, verifiable ingredients. Since the discovery that herbs grown in areas where they did not originate may end up with different markers and ingredients, we strive to maintain the original markers and genus of each herb through constant laboratory testing.

    In 2000, VitaPharm chairman Alan Lau set up an herb standard for verifying the correct ingredients and genus of the herbs using VitaPharm’s own herboID® and HPLC to retain exact, original element markers grown in its traditional areas and in proven bio-regions.

    Such precise information of herbal ingredients follows standards detailed in Shen Nong’s classic Compendium of Materia Medica, Dr. Li Shi Zhen’s Ban Cao Gang Mu and other historical and modern herb books, including the most recent Pharmacopoeia of the People’s Republic of China.

    In addition to the 282 element markers listed in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia (2005 edition), VitaPharm utilizes 400 of its own element markers. This assures that VitaPharm’s 682 herbs and over 1,000 herbal remedies cannot be misidentified and will retain their traditional therapeutic essence.

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    Dedicated To Excellence

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    VitaPharm’s founder Alan Lau, a leader and innovator in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), began working with Chinese herbs in San Francisco Chinatown in the late 1960s. From a family of TCM practitioners who have been in the industry and business for three generations, Alan’s experience and expertise led him to joint ventures with Chinese farmers and the establishment of five organic Good Agricultural Practices (oGAP) farm bases of more than 600,000 acres of organic farmland that harvest more than 500 varieties of Chinese herbs.

    Four traditional Good Process Practices (tGPP) plants, employing 1,000 trained technicians guarantee that the herbs are processed according to traditional methods while meeting contemporary quality standards.

    VitaPharm’s four international current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) pharmaceutical factories of 4,500 employees, including 2,000 experienced herb experts and 13 PhD herbal scientists, are equipped with modern laboratories.

    Dedicated to excellence, Alan was the first to provide sulfur-free Chinese herbs worldwide in 1975, abandoning the then common but toxic sulfur-bleaching cosmetic process. In 1980, he was the first US importer of Chinese herbal products with markedly lower heavy metal content. In 1998, Alan’s products that were tested with many others by the California Department of Health and published in 1997-1998 Compendium of Asian Patent Medicines were among the few that passed lead, arsenic, mercury and chemicals tests.

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    Cleanest, Purest, Original

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    Packed With Natural Goodness

    VitaPharm is constantly improving TCM with the most up-to-date sources of herbs in their cleanest, purest, original form. Wild and farmed herbs come from organic bases or areas protected from pollution. Harvesting and processing standards are kept high.

    In the dispensing, prescribing and ingesting of herbs, VitaPharm seeks to provide herbs in forms as close as possible to TCM as taught by generations of experts.

    VitaPharm herbs are free of chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, sulfur and other man-made contaminants. Our new method of HIB sterilization leaves no residual toxicity. Our herbs have no radiation residue. And, with no ultraviolet processing, there is no cell mutation.

    The joint ventures VitaPharm has with Chinese farmers in five organic bases and herb farms do not utilize chemical fertilizers and pesticides. VitaPharm #5 Organic Base is situated on the Three Rivers Source zone, where the Yangzi, Yellow and Lanchong rivers have their source, an area strictly kept chemical-free.

    In early 2010 VitaPharm's #5 farming base received organic certification for 500 herbs awarded by Germany’s BCS Öko-Garantie Gmbh, the authority recognized in Europe, the US, Korea, Japan and China. BCS is an accredited certifying agent for the USDA National Organic Program. When listed with this certifier, these products can be sold in the US and Europe with USDA and EU Organic labels.

    A year earlier, more than 198 varieties of VitaPharm herbs totaling 40,000 tons were certified by China’s environment protection body, Organic Food Development Center.

    This makes VitaPharm a major source of organic Chinese herbs in the world.

    To view our certificate from BCS Öko-Garantie Gmbh, click below.

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    Who We Are

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    More than 500 certified organic Chinese herbs

    Certified by BCS Öko-Garantie Gmbh,

    accredited certifying agent for the USDA National Organic Program,

    EU Regulation and JAP (Japanese Agricultural Standard of Organic Products)

    VitaPharm USA, Inc. is an American-based corporation that grows and manufactures Chinese herbs and herbal products in China. Combining US entrepreneurship and Chinese traditional wisdom, VitaPharm has become a leading, fully-integrated supplier of Chinese herbs and dietary supplements.

    Nearly 10,000 associates—from farmers using the expertise of generations to grow and harvest Chinese herbs to technicians and scientists steeped in modern knowledge—operate within our joint-venture organic bio-regions, processing plants and factories which have oGAP, tGPP, cGMP and iGLP standards.

    VitaPharm is the first and premier source of the largest variety of organic Chinese herbs in the world. Its US specialists continuously monitor the quality of its farms and factories to ensure that all products meet the requirements of the US and European Pharmacopoeias.

    Together with our sales and marketing staff, VitaPharm is committed to providing you and your company with herbs that have their original potency and that are processed with the highest modern standards at the most reasonable costs, and shipped to you quickly.





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    Our Mission

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    Our mission is to promote Chinese herbs and medicines as the way to excellent health. Our vision is that consumer awareness of the efficacy of Traditional Chinese Medicine supported by scientific research will make TCM the premier supplement and worldwide complement to chemical medicine. This goal will be accomplished when businesses and consumers can rely on the cleanliness of Chinese herbs with verifiable standard ingredients, processed at the highest international standards and convenient to prescribe and consume. VitaPharm aims to utilize modern technology and the wisdom of generations to provide herbs and herbal products that are pure with all their natural goodness.


     We welcome TCM

    practitioners and herbalists,

    suppliers and retailers

    of herbal products.

    The Newest TCM


    10:1 concentration herbal minipills

    for more accurate prescribing


    COMING IN Sep 2015!


    Business Opportunity


    Increase your

    Business Exponentially

    with Organic TCM 


    Organic Quality, Purity, Authenticity

    VitaPharm is uniquely positioned to supply over 700 USDA & EU Certified Organic Chinese herbs and formulations. With over 74 million acres of Certified Organic fields in China,

    VitaPharm can supply small and large scale orders to Domestic and International markets.


    Custom Manufacturing & OEM Capability

    VitaPharm can provide custom manufacturing and formulation services for your unique, products, according to cGMP and international compliance standards. Your products will be labeled with USDA & EU Logos.


    Research & Development Capability

    VitaPharm’s Research & Development Division has partnered with Zhuhai Natural Pharmaceutical Institute, TCM Science Alliance and China’s State Department of Science & Technology, for expediting GPP & GMP innovative products to the global market place.


    Vast Selection of Classical and Modern Products

    In addition to over 3000 common single herbs and classical formulations, VitaPharm and its researching partner Zhuhai Nature Pharmaceutical Institute, offer 25 all Natural, Organic, Condition-Specific Formulas, that target and support common patterns of imbalance.


    Unique Classic & Modern Extraction Methods

    Using only purified water, our unique low heat extract,  room temperature drying process, extended extraction times combined with our simi-nano-particle, opens the plant’s cell walls, to yield a more bio-active product with higher Enzyme and vitamin content.


    High Throughput, Herbal ID and Analytical testing

    Enables targeted identification and standardization of unique herbal constituents and compounds, in the development of new, clinically effective herbal products. We classify these new formulas as 100% Natural OTC medicine.


    Fair Trade Certified

    VitaPharm is among the first herb companies in China to be Fair Trade certified.

    We rebate 15% of proceeds to our local farming collectives to support their Regenerative Agriculture and Bio-Diversity farming systems.



    A modern TCM dosing form, that provides greater convenience for clinical prescribing and patient compliance. High concentration efficacy.


    Our HIB (Heavy Ion Beam) Sterilization Technology make our products, no chemical pollutants, no ultraviolet mutation, no radiation and no overheating of essential oils insures the natural quality and effectiveness of the herbs.


    Strategic Location for Inspections and Global Exports

    VitaPharm has a registered branch in the Zhuhai free trade zone. This region allows easy access to US and international. Quality Control inspections a deficient export terminal through “OBOR” (One Belt one Road) to the global market by high speed rail, air and sea. VitaPharm has strategic distribution terminals in Los Angeles, CA, Brookline, NY, Hong Kong, Zhuhai, China and London, England, enabling us to save customers time and freight costs.