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  • What is the importance of "modernization"?

    Modernized herbs and herbal products are herbs whose efficacy you can count on because they have been grown in healthy soil, without the use of poisons; the herbs are correctly identified; and the elements that make them potent are present in the correct amount. Further, you can rely on these herbs because they have been processed according to the traditional methods but in a modern, controlled environment. A "modernized" herb brings you the best of the ancient and modern world - ancient healing knowledge developed over millennia and modern technology used for your health benefit.

  • I am taking western drugs. Should I stop taking my western drugs in favor of Chinese herbs?

    No. You should always speak to your western doctor first, as well as the TCM doctor who is prescribing herbs for you. Many Chinese herbal formulas are in fact compatible with Chinese herbs. However, it is always safest to take them separately with at least one hour's time in between. Because Chinese herbs are directed towards creating harmony and balance in all the body's systems, they work differently than synthetic drugs.

  • Are Chinese herbs safe?

    Yes. When used correctly according to the principles of traditional Chinese medicine and when the genuine herbs are used in a formula, then their safety record excels that of most allopathic pharmaceuticals and without the negative side effects. This is so because Chinese medicinal herbal formulas are created with the whole body in mind, have been tested through the use of millions of people for thousands of years. These herbal formulas are created directly from the plants and not from synthetic sources.

  • Do Chinese herbs actually work?

    Yes. Chinese herbal formulas are designed to bring the entire body into balance and harmony not just alleviate a specific symptom. This is different from synthetic allopathic drugs that are usually designed to control symptoms only. Consequently, the effects of Chinese herbal formulas are more long lasting and provide much deeper healing as they go to the root cause of the problem.

  • I am using Chinese herbs for the first time and I have taken them for one day and do not feel any difference. Why is this?

    Traditional Chinese herbal remedies are powerful natural medicines whose purpose goes beyond symptom relief. The formulas are designed to create harmony and balance in your system so that you have the greatest opportunity to remain healthy. Because of this, not all remedies show a change in your symptoms immediately. Be patient, continue with your remedy, and if you still have concerns, contact your doctor.

  • How do I know which herbs to take?

    You should always consult a healthcare professional who is trained in the use of Chinese herbs. Here, you can go to our online clinic or Yellow Pages to find a licensed practitioner who is properly trained in the use of these herbs.

  • I have trouble swallowing pills and capsules. What do I do?

    It is possible to make a tea from the contents of the capsules and pills by dissolving them in a small amount (one cup) of warm or hot water.


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Organic Quality, Purity, Authenticity

VitaPharm is uniquely positioned to supply over 700 USDA & EU Certified Organic Chinese herbs and formulations. With over 74 million acres of Certified Organic fields in China,

VitaPharm can supply small and large scale orders to Domestic and International markets.


Custom Manufacturing & OEM Capability

VitaPharm can provide custom manufacturing and formulation services for your unique, products, according to cGMP and international compliance standards. Your products will be labeled with USDA & EU Logos.


Research & Development Capability

VitaPharm’s Research & Development Division has partnered with Zhuhai Natural Pharmaceutical Institute, TCM Science Alliance and China’s State Department of Science & Technology, for expediting GPP & GMP innovative products to the global market place.


Vast Selection of Classical and Modern Products

In addition to over 3000 common single herbs and classical formulations, VitaPharm and its researching partner Zhuhai Nature Pharmaceutical Institute, offer 25 all Natural, Organic, Condition-Specific Formulas, that target and support common patterns of imbalance.


Unique Classic & Modern Extraction Methods

Using only purified water, our unique low heat extract,  room temperature drying process, extended extraction times combined with our simi-nano-particle, opens the plant’s cell walls, to yield a more bio-active product with higher Enzyme and vitamin content.


High Throughput, Herbal ID and Analytical testing

Enables targeted identification and standardization of unique herbal constituents and compounds, in the development of new, clinically effective herbal products. We classify these new formulas as 100% Natural OTC medicine.


Fair Trade Certified

VitaPharm is among the first herb companies in China to be Fair Trade certified.

We rebate 15% of proceeds to our local farming collectives to support their Regenerative Agriculture and Bio-Diversity farming systems.



A modern TCM dosing form, that provides greater convenience for clinical prescribing and patient compliance. High concentration efficacy.


Our HIB (Heavy Ion Beam) Sterilization Technology make our products, no chemical pollutants, no ultraviolet mutation, no radiation and no overheating of essential oils insures the natural quality and effectiveness of the herbs.


Strategic Location for Inspections and Global Exports

VitaPharm has a registered branch in the Zhuhai free trade zone. This region allows easy access to US and international. Quality Control inspections a deficient export terminal through “OBOR” (One Belt one Road) to the global market by high speed rail, air and sea. VitaPharm has strategic distribution terminals in Los Angeles, CA, Brookline, NY, Hong Kong, Zhuhai, China and London, England, enabling us to save customers time and freight costs.